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Exclusive Blogging Offer - Maxprosol Beamy Bloggers

Maxprosol Beamy Bloggers is an exclusive offer avaialable for everyone. If you are already running a blog or if you want to kick off your career in blogging, we offer you services for developing your blog along with a FREE web hosting service for 1 year. Beamy Bloggers is not just an offer but it is our endeavor by Maxprosol to promote blogging among masses of people. Blogging is not only a tool for earning monetary benefits in the form of google adsence, affiliation programs or so. It is pretty much more than what usually it is perceived. It gives you a platform to have your say and to voice your opinion. It provides an opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts, wisdom, knowledge, experiences, hobbies, fun and joy with everyone. Blogging is an maxprosolally healthy activity for your mind and soul, that if used aptly, brings you a feeling of fullfilment.

No matter you are a busy professional or leading a retired life, a house wife or a student, a teenager or a loving grand-parent, free or working, you can always manage to take time for writing a post for your blog based on your favorite subject. It is more like your personal diary where you can put in your ideas just like that. If you want to feel productive in your leisure time, then blogging is one of the best activities one can suggest for you. Our Beamy Bloggers offer costs only 7500/ PKR. The whole package includes:

  • Free hosting for 1 year.
  • Full access to wordpress admin panel.
  • Premium theme for your blog
  • Creating an eye catching, professional layout for the blog.

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