Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy pertains to the information Maxprosol collects online at this website. The privacy policy delineates as to how we use or do not use the information shared by our online users for online and offline purposes.

Information Privacy

When you contact us through any online form published on this website, the information of your name, email id, phone number and address is necessary for us to collect for business purposes. We may have your account details and transactional information as well when you choose to buy an item sold on this website. We do not share, rent or sell any pieces of your information to any third parties for their promotional or marketing or any other business or non-business purposes. We may share transactional information with only authorized companies for the purpose of verification, processing and accomplishment of transactions. The processes related with other information handling, analyzing and processing is solely carried out by Maxprosol hence no other form of information is shared with any third parties.

Usage of Information

We restrict the usage of information shared by our users for the following purposes:

  • In order to present our web content to its visitors, users and information seekers.
  • To provide related information any user requests for.
  • To provide alerts, newsletters and notifications you subscribe for.
  • To share proposals, quotations, invoices and billing information.
  • To make any other official correspondence.
  • To serve for any other related purposes with your informed consent.

Cookies Policy

Cookies allow a website to store your navigation information on your machine and to retrieve it whenever you visit again. Cookies help with displaying the customized content of your interest. They make your browsing experience much faster and efficient. To enhance your browsing experience at our website, we may use cookies. We use cookies only to track usage of website and to improve our web content and customize it. Cookies will not track your email id or other personal information like user id or password unless you choose the option to be remembered by cookies. We deal the cookies information the same way we take other information. Hence the policy of information privacy is applicable to cookies to the extent where it is technically possible.

Data Security

We secure our databases from any potential physical, environmental or technical hazard and we take proper measures to keep the security of our databases and servers as much foolproof as possible. We strictly keep the access to your data limited to only authorized people. We communicate our privacy policy to all our employees and make them follow the guidelines of our business ethics, values, non-disclosure and confidentiality policy. We use SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer technology) on our server. Your information is encrypted by the SSL certificate in order to prevent unauthorized access to your information over internet. In order to ensure the website you are viewing keeps your information keeps your information secured or not, you can view “https” prefix on the web address bar of your browser to see for yourself whether SSL technology operating on the website you are visiting or not. This is particularly essential to make sure in case you are making payments or sharing your confidential information online. Maxprosol makes use of SSL technology for keeping your online submission of information end to end secured.