Web Development

Responsive Layout

In the present era of digital world where internet is considered as one of the basic communication elements, online presence is as important for a business as food is important to a living being. Every single business needs to be advertised, publicized, promoted, and communicated in order to draw attention of the potential buyers. Internet is the most economic, effective and fastest way of getting your message across the masses of people.

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Sell Your Products Online

An ecommerce website is the fastest way of introducing your brands and products in a global market. Maxprosol offers optimal ecommerce services by creating an online store for you where your products are showcased beautifully in the products catalogue. We create an eye catching layout for your store, your products are ordered online and we implement and integrate the payment gateways of your choice and convenience.

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Online Business Management

If you are overloaded with your day to day operations, turning down clients due to your jam packed schedules, having troubles with human resources to meet your operational requirements, workloads driving you nuts or you are about to launch some new business unit but cannot cope with the increasing demands in terms of time , working and team then you are no more to worry. Maxprosol offers their unique, highly efficient and productive services for online business management.

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T & D

Training & Development

Training & development is one of the core functions of human resource development. In order to raise competency of employees, increase productivity and to gain enhanced capacity building of the employees, T & D plays a vital role. Apart from enhancing basic skills of employees through training programs designed for operational management needs, there is an emerging need for the basic health, life saving and general safety training in order to counter emergency situations at the workplace.

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