Training & Development

Training & development is one of the core functions of human resource development. In order to raise competency of employees, increase productivity and to gain enhanced capacity building of the employees, T & D plays a vital role. Apart from enhancing basic skills of employees through training programs designed for operational management needs, there is an emerging need for the basic health, life saving and general safety training in order to counter emergency situations at the workplace. To cope with any potential threatening situations which may trigger security risk or may put human life at stake, is a critical issue to be addressed by the top management. To ensure safety of people, facility and assets is the core responsibility of the management in order to avoid any unpleasant mishaps. We have got specialized consultants on board with an extensive experience in training and development. Our exclusively designed training programs focus on the capacity building of your staff and ensure that they are well aware of the dangers and fully trained to respond to the emergency situations arising at workplace. We entertain customized training programs for the enterprises. Our exclusive training programs are helpful for professionals and non-professional individuals, students, youth, women and people from all walks of life. Our standard training packages include basic and advanced first aid, emergency life support skills, food handlers’ hygiene and safety, workplace health safety, defensive driving and sports injuries. Our customized trainings are solely based on the issues you look forward to address. With an auspicious professional background and extensive working experience in training & development, our veteran trainers analyze needs for capacity building within your organization, choose the areas where trainings are required coordinate and connect with the focal person in order to assess training scope and hence develop custom training materials. Training feedback, before and after assessments of trainees, motivation for implementing training outcomes in work activities as well as day to day circumstantial needs makes our training most effective and increases employees’ productivity.

We offer the following training programs imparted by highly skilled and professional trainers:

  • Basic and Advanced First Aid
  • ELSS (Emergency Life Support Skills)
  • Food handlers Hygiene ad Safety
  • Workplace Health Safety
  • Defensive Driving
  • Sports Injuries
  • Stress Management
  • Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation

We have organized various workshops at governmental and

  • Emergency Scene Management
  • Patient Assessment, Life Saving and CPR
  • Wound and Fracture Management
  • Fire Safety, Burn Management
  • Animal bites and stings
  • Patient Evacuation
  • First Aider Personal Safety and Hygiene
  • Medical Emergency response Plan
  • Hazard Identification
  • Accidents at work
  • Common Workplace hazards
  • Ergonomics
  • Employee Health and Safety

Training Highlights